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Waste Collection & Recycling

We help you to take care of your waste responsibly. Whether for your household, villa, office, business, restaurant, hotel, community or school… we provide the waste collection and recycling that suits your needs.

We provide you with a two bin system. Green Bin for paper; Red Bin for glass, metal, plastic and other non-organic waste. Seperation at source is key for recycling as much as possible. You choose how often per week you want us to collect your waste.

We help you to get it right with a quick training. If you have staff we are happy to provide further training to everybody. You will also receive our great info graphic as a reminder  that you can always look up. In English and Indonesian.

We are operating our own sorting and material recovery facility (MRF) ensuring that your waste is properly managed and will not become a burden to Bali’s beautiful environment.

Our focus is to maximize recycling, reduce quantity of waste to landfill and promote composting. We guarantee that 100% of remaining residues are disposed only in legal facilities. In our Material Recovery Facility, waste collected is separated further in specific categories. We recover for recycling plastic, paper, plastics, metals, glass, Tetra Pak cartons, and now even Styrofoam (only the one used for packing). For Recycling, we work hand-in-hand with factories in East Java where our recovered recyclables are processed into intermediate products such as flakes, pellets, and pulp; They are also processed into final market products such as packing paper, corrugated cardboard lining, plastic items (buckets, bottles, rafia strings, woven rice sacks just to mention few), metal cans, compost bins, roofing material, drinking glass, and many others.

#affordable Service
Fees for households start as low as 115.000 IDR per month (min. 6 months subscription) and will be calculated according to the required bin size and collection frequency. For offices and businesses prices are quoted after inspection and assessing your needs.

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Extra Pick-Up

We can pick up additional waste from your place. From our experience we know there are occasion where you need a one time extra pick up of additional waste. Please fill in your info and we provide you with a quote for picking up your additional waste. This offer is for customers and also for non-customers.

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We have a great solution for your organic waste: We provide a complete easy-to-use composting system suitable for households and business including all materials required to begin composting. We will take care of the complete installation and train you and your staff for free.

The unique layering process of our composting system is easy, with no smell and great results. Using our composting system provides you with beautiful compost for your garden or flower pots all year round.

You are having a great positive ecological impact if you compost at home. You save on CO2 emissions from transporting your organic waste to landfills. You save on green house gas emissions due to stopping your organic waste going through anaerobic process at the land fill. And the best is you have beautiful and healthy soil for your garden… gratis!

Households (Readymade Systems)
1 to 2 people in the household          Rp. 1.550.000
3 to 4 people in the household          Rp. 2.050.000
5 to 7 people in the household          Rp. 2.500.000
More than 7 people – price evaluated according to requirements

Businesses (Customized Systems)
Pricing for villas, restaurants, hotels, etc., vary according to need

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Waste Bank

#Waste Bank

our Waste Bank services are suitable to Communities and Businesses that generate a large amount of recyclables items. Minimum quantity of  at least one full pick up for each collection applies.

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Choose our waste collection bins and collection service to ensure recycling and responsible waste management for your event.  We serve festivals, concerts, beach clean ups, conferences, workshops, fairs, markets and many more.  We also have special packages for weddings.

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Events Wedding

Make your special day memorable and sustainable for you and the environment. We will set up our waste collection bins and ensure to recycle and responsibly manage the waste.

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Events Beach Clean Up

You want to help keeping the beaches clean? You have a group, organization or business that wants to gather once or regularly to be part of the solution? We provide you with reusable waste-bags, pick-up of the collected waste and its responsible management afterwards. 

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You represent a business or organization which is committed to work towards zero waste? We have developed a number of tailored programs in the field of waste management, environmental education and sustainable lifestyle to benefit our common environmental goals.

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#ExtendedProducerResponsibility (EPR)

Among other partners we have established EPR programs together with e.g. Tetra Pak, The Body Shop , AQUA and Bali Buda


We are closely collaborating with a number of environmental initiatives in Bali and beyond. This ranges from the youth-lead campaign of Bye Bye Plastic Bags, the One Island One Voice initiative, Project Clean Uluwatu to Making Oceans Plastic Free and more


We have co-founded Waste4Change together with Greeneration Indonesia to bring our succsessful waste management solutions to other parts of Indonesia. With Bye Bye Plastic Bags and iniBags we developed the open webshop platform Welcome Alternative Bags. Individuals and organizations or businesses can sell or purchase from a variety of eco-friendly alternative bags.

We have partnered with ecoSmart to promote the delivery for a range of ecofriendly products and services.

Visit Our Facilities

You want to know what happens to your waste, once we have picked it up? Come for a visit to our facilities. Learn more about our mission towards helping everyone towards zero waste and come with a group, organization, school class or business and see our waste sorting center.

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