ecoTalk: Hendra Arimbawa – co-Founder of Trashstock Festival

The thing about waste…

… Is that it’s a crucial problem on the planet and if we don’t do something about it then it might cause a serious natural disaster, moreover Indonesia is the second country that contributes the biggest plastic waste to the ocean.

Tell us the worst waste experience you’ve gone through yourself?

From many years ago, we have a tradition where teachers would tell children to bring cleaning tools to clean up the schools. However, outside of schools, teachers don’t extend that habit to their students.

What’s Your Action?

I created Trashstock Festival. To educate the youths to change their way of thinking in a cool and entertaining way.

What’s the biggest challenge in implementing your solution?

The absence of representatives from the government to do a control-check and to collaborate with local communities.

What are the first things that you’ll advise to people to be more responsible with waste?

To tell them not to throw their waste anywhere first.

Starting from August 17th, We should all be independent of…

The ignorance in protecting our beautiful nature.

What’s Next for you?

To form local groups that cares about environmental issues and synergize within one movement to educate the young generation in Bali.

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