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You represent a business or organization which is committed to work towards zero waste? We have developed a number of tailored programs in the field of waste management, environmental education and sustainable lifestyle to benefit our common environmental goals.

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#ExtendedProducerResponsibility (EPR)

Among other partners we have established EPR programs together with e.g. Tetra Pak, The Body Shop , AQUA and Bali Buda


We are closely collaborating with a number of environmental initiatives in Bali and beyond. This ranges from the youth-lead campaign of Bye Bye Plastic Bags, the One Island One Voice initiative, Project Clean Uluwatu to Making Oceans Plastic Free and more


We have co-founded Waste4Change together with Greeneration Indonesia to bring our succsessful waste management solutions to other parts of Indonesia. With Bye Bye Plastic Bags and iniBags we developed the open webshop platform Welcome Alternative Bags. Individuals and organizations or businesses can sell or purchase from a variety of eco-friendly alternative bags.

We have partnered with ecoSmart to promote the delivery for a range of ecofriendly products and services.


To spread our work and ideas we partnered with Video Producer Gary Bencheghib from Make A Change World

Business Consulting

Together with you and your staff we will identify eco- and cost-effective solutions for your company or organization. We help your business to become more environmentally friendly and sustainable providing assessments and guidance on how to achieve it.

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Research Cooperation

You are a student or researcher scientist, work on your individual project or are involved in a larger program? We are always looking for collaborations to bridge the gap from theory to practice. We want to create new knowledge and smart ways to support everyone towards a zero waste lifestyle. Contact us to find out more.

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Among others we have worked with partners from:


International Cooperation

#International Cooperation
Responsible Waste Management Solutions are important goals in international cooperation, whether NGOs, bi- or multilateral governmental organizations. Eco Bali has extensive professional experience in the field of waste management and environmental education. If you are looking for a partner with experience in the field, contact us.

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