ecoTalk: I Wayan Jeki Pratama

The thing about waste…

… It has become a global problem both on land and on the ocean, and it can have an impact on our health and cause trouble for both man and nature.

Tell us the worst waste experience you’ve gone through yourself?

During the wet season, waste has always been a problem in my village (in Serangan) and causes the beach around my café filled with waste that was carried from the river and eventually it’ll produce a bad smell.

What’s your action?

I formed a team that shares the same concern for the environment which we called Serangan Bebas Plastik (Plastic Free Serangan), we invite residents and schoolchildren to help clean places polluted by plastic, and we encourage people to realize how important it is to not throw away plastic waste anywhere and to reduce it as well.

Biggest challenge in implementing your solution?

Convincing the people and persuading the local government to provide us with proper facility like waste bin and implementing recycling center.

First things you’ll advise to people to be more responsible with waste?

Don’t litter because that’s bad for the environment. Better to keep it and throw it once you find a waste bin, but they also need to be aware of the type of waste they’re carrying.

What’s next for you?

My plan is to fully commit to reduce the use of plastic, starting from myself and from home. I’m also going to keep trying to change people’s habit so that the island of Serangan can be completely free from plastic waste.

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