ecoTalk: Putu Evie – Trash Hero Kertalangu Coordinator

The thing about waste…

… Is that we should care and realize that for so long we haven’t been responsible in managing what we use and consume daily and more often we just throw it away instead of utilizing it and in effect we create this problem to the environment and for the sustainability of earth.

Tell us the worst experience you’ve gone through yourself…

When I was doing clean-ups in Kedonganan, almost every inch of the coastline was filled with plastic waste and never in my life have I seen how thick the waste was, not to mention some of them deteriorated into microplastic. Then, in front of our eyes, when us volunteers were cleaning the waste, someone just threw away trash which added to the already mounting waste on the beach.

What’s your action?

Other than changing my own consuming habit and managing my waste in my house, we formed a movement to raise people’s and the government’s awareness consistently so that change can happen to finally stop problems in the environment, which has reached emergency level.

What’s the biggest challenge?

The challenge is to encourage people to change their habit and commit to it. Because there is a difference in awareness, knowledge, and concern in each individual, we really need to be patient.

What are the first things that you’ll advise to people to be more responsible with waste?

To change their habit and embrace a healthier and eco-friendly lifestyle, also to practice zero waste as well as refuse, reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Starting this August 17th, We should all be independent of…

Single-use plastic (plastic bags, cups, straws, and Styrofoam) in our daily lives. Apart being unhealthy, single-use packaging is bad for the sustainability of the earth if we don’t manage it properly.

What’s Next for you?

I will always try to be an example and give education to raise the awareness and concern about the dangers of unmanaged waste, and to gain people’s trust so that we can work together more to overcome the problem for the purpose of making a better change for our earth.

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