ecoBali was established in 2006 in response to the urgency of waste management problems in the island of Bali.

Our Vision is to enable everyone towards a zero waste lifestyle. Our Mission is to promote responsible waste management, create green knowledge and eco products towards achieving zero waste. Our team includes professionals experienced in waste management, educational programs, product design and marketing.

We are operating our own sorting and material recovery facility (MRF) ensuring that your waste is properly managed and will not become a burden to Bali’s beautiful environment. Our focus is to maximize recycling, reduce quantity of waste to landfill and promote composting. We guarantee the disposal of the remaining residue only in legal facilities.

Eco Bali (PT Bumi Lestari Bali) is a registered operation and we comply with the current national legislation on waste management under the Ministry of Environment.



Accomplishments :
  • Up to 70-80% waste reduction through recycling and composting
  • 5.000+ tons of waste collected and processed, reducing its impact on the environment
  • 300+ education sessions in schools for more than 15.000 students and 1.000 teachers
  • 2.500+ eco training sessions to households and businesses
  • 350+ composting installations in households and villas 


ecoBali Recycling Logo
ecoBali Recycling

Jl. Raya Padonan
Kuta Utara, Bali

Phone: +62 82237799819
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: ecoBali – Waste Management
Instagram: ecobalirecycle
Web Site: eco-bali.com

And our open webshop platform with Bye Bye Plastic Bags and iniBags: www.WelcomeAlternativeBags.com

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