5 Easy Ways to be Responsible with Waste

Want to begin a zero waste lifestyle? These 5 simple steps will be a great way to start

  1. Separate your Waste accordingly: have separate bins for your  non-biodegradables and biodegradables to prevent the contamination of the recyclables. By keeping the recyclables “clean”, we can truly maximize the practice of circular economy that pushes a product into a continuous reusable loop thus reducing residues that goes into landfill.

2. Compost your biodegradables so your food scraps can go back to where it belongs: the earth, not the landfill.

3. Rethink your daily behavior by bringing a water tumbler, reusable shopping bag, and metal/wood straws to eliminate or reduce the usage of its single-use counterpart.

4. Choose Recyclable packaging while out shopping, just look for the recycle logo on the product. Better yet, shop at zero waste shops where you can bring and reuse your own containers.  

5. Find an alternative source that can properly manage and recycle your waste. Options include approaching pemulung/pengepul (independent waste collector), bringing your waste to waste separation centers near your location (like the TPS 3R), creating or joining a Waste Bank, and utilizing private waste management companies.

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