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Our products help you to reduce waste and support your zero waste lifestyle. We have an easy composting system for you. We offer stylish Upcycled Drinking glasses from bottles we collect in Bali. With a range of fashionable and practical shopping bags it will be easy for you to stop using plastic bags.

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We happily work with other businesses and organizations interested in reselling our products. We continuously add new products, so start following us on IG ecobalirecycle and FB eco Bali Waste Management.

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Net Bag Set

4 + 1 different size Bags for Groceries and more. It has never been easier to avoid the many plastic bags when buying vegetables or fruits. Of course for all your other shopping, too.

Our special tip: Use them for the beach. Your wet towel and swimwear will easily dry in the airy bag.

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Ini Bags

Our fashionable and foldable inibags. Small to take along, big to carry your shopping goods or else. Have them with you, wherever you go.

Water and Dirt repelling.

Inibags are available in black, ocean blue and flamingo pink. We also have the special Bye Bye Plastic Bags edition

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Upcycled Glasses

For your Home, Restaurant or Café. Great Drinking Glasses for Juices, Smoothies, Water, Soda…

Beautiful and original Glass Plates, Bowls and Vases. Atmospheric candle light shining through clear or colored glass.

All Glasses are made from bottles collected in Bali.

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We have a great solution for your organic waste: We provide a complete easy-to-use composting system suitable for households and business including all materials required to begin composting. We will take care of the complete installation and train you and your staff for free.

The unique layering process of our composting system is easy, with no smell and great results. Using our composting system provides you with beautiful compost for your garden or flower pots all year round.

You are having a great positive ecological impact if you compost at home. You save on CO2 emissions from transporting your organic waste to landfills. You save on green house gas emissions due to stopping your organic waste going through anaerobic process at the land fill. And the best is you have beautiful and healthy soil for your garden… gratis!

Households (Readymade Systems)
1 to 2 people in the household          Rp. 1.550.000
3 to 4 people in the household          Rp. 2.050.000
5 to 7 people in the household          Rp. 2.500.000
More than 7 people – price evaluated according to requirements

Businesses (Customized Systems)
Pricing for villas, restaurants, hotels, etc., vary according to need

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