Going Zero Waste by 2020

The movement is afoot but have we really grasped the concept of “zero waste”?


Leading a zero-waste lifestyle requires us to be mindful of the choices that we make. However, more often than not, we cruise on habit. (more…)

2017 Waste Management in Retrospect

There still needs a lot to be done, but we have undeniably made great achievements in 2017. Here’s a look back at our accomplishments and what we can further do together in 2018!

Waste is a challenge affecting us all. It’s easy to snap photos of a littered beach, post them on social media and complain about the unsavory sight. It is important to raise awareness, but the next step needs to be the focus on solutions. And there we need to start with ourselves (more…)

Create a Zero Waste Habit Through Recycling

A majority of your waste are all recyclable. Now it’s all a matter of further harnessing that world-sustaining habit of recycling into your daily life. Here’s to further convincing…

Adopt a School and Help Create a Zero-Waste Future

The education of young minds is a great start to overcoming the world’s waste problem


Reap great reward from your rubbish

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Did you know that most of the waste we produce is organic? Out of the more than 5000 tonnes of waste collected in (southern) Bali per day, around 65% is organic waste. According to a report published by the Food and Agriculture Organization, about 1/3 of food that is made for human consumption ends up as waste, too. That is 1.3 billion tonnes each year!


4 Simple reasons to compost

The United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization found that home composting can potentially divert up to 150 kg of food waste per household per year from local collection authorities. And indeed, proper management of organic waste will bring with it an abundance of rewards.


IniBags: A Convenient and Stylish Solution to Replace Plastic Bags

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No one wants to go to the beach and see a messy sight dominated by plastic bag pollution. It’s up to us to change this. So let’s stop grumbling and take action with iniBags— a reusable bag you won’t forget!